Border Collies Need Jobs

Nancy Daley
3 min readJun 8, 2022

Says everyone to me, every day.

Ella would be glad to hear things for you, anyway. (Author’s photo)

Ella is our second border collie, so okay we all know they need jobs. Nothing worse than a bored border collie, as they become anxious, hyper, and destructive when bored. Much like myself.

Catching and chasing balls all day and all night, preferably with a pack of dog friends, would be Ella’s first choice for a job. Every evening when we leave dog happy hour, she is exhausted and happy — even if it’s sometimes hard to walk all the way back to the car.

I play hide-and-go-seek with her toys once a day. We have many quick games of fetch in the yard. “Wait!” training is going sort of well — Ella does great until distracted by a dog, a passer-by, a squirrel — so training happens indoors and in the fenced backyard.

Ella is very good at walking around the block with the kitties. She has no problem waiting for Lucy to get out from under that dumpster, or for Marco to emerge from his favorite storm drain. Ella likes to make sure the group is together and everyone arrives home no matter how long it takes.

So don’t look at me: I know border collies need jobs.

Ella simply says, I would prefer not to. I’d like to know where she found the time to read “Bartleby the Scrivener,” but Ella is good with her secrets.

Example: we’re working on putting toys back in the toybox at the end of the day. Treats are involved, of course. Once in a blue moon Ella will allow a toy to drop into the toybox. Other than that, she prefers to remain in a supervisory position while I do the work.

Example: I firmly believe Ella is intelligent enough to do more with the dishwasher than just lick dirty dishes. She says it’s really all she can manage, although she is happy to lick clean dishes too, given the slightest opportunity.

Example: Okay, I have seen videos of dogs putting laundry into and taking laundry out of their cleaning and drying machines. Ella wishes to specialize in the part where she steals dishtowels from the dryer and runs out the back door with them.

Example: You would think that any sentient creature who watches your every move with Ella’s laser-beam intensity would be happy to jump in and try it herself. If you’re capable of standing on my…

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