Ella Finds A Job

Nancy Daley
3 min readAug 21, 2022

Which is everything to a border collie.

Ella will trade all contents of welding truck for one decent ball. (Author’s photo)

It all came about because Ella has been exchanging bodily fluids with every dog she can find. (I’m not pointing fingers Earl, Lucy, Nelson, Bobby Jr.) She ended up with — yuck — oral warts just as I was headed out for two weeks on the west coast. I was all set to cancel my trip, but spouse Floyd said, No! Go on your trip. She can come to work with me, I’m not that busy now.

Ella had been expected at doggie day care, but that’s completely off the table for an indeterminate period of time. The warts will resolve themselves, but in the meantime she must keep her bodily fluids to herself. The vet said they don’t transmit to humans or cats, so.

Here’s a link, no photos thank heaven.

The vet said some people apply over-the-counter wart removal medicine, but what if it burns? What if it tastes bad?

Ella will just have to settle for her own family for the time being.

Ella tries out her saleswoman skills on Marco Polo. Nothing doing. (Author’s photo)

Meanwhile, she has been going off to work each day in the welding truck: out to the shop (acres to play on); off to San Antonio to buy steel; out to job sites to take measurements and talk shop with the builders and architects.

Suitable setting for a baby deer puppy who can leap over furniture in a single bound. (Author’s photo)

She has measured up in a big way, her stubborn puppy behavior giving way to a well-behaved dog who stays where she is supposed to and listens to whatever Floyd tells her.

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