My dog has Been Exposed!

Nancy Daley
3 min readAug 26, 2022

What would YOU do?

I’m heading into my last few days here on the left coast, and spouse Floyd has been kind enough to send enough photos of Ella to nudge me home.

Obviously Floyd understands that not everyone in the world would be salivating to return to Texas, even though I wouldn’t miss voting in the upcoming elections for love or money. At least the incendiary part of summer is over and the flooding part has commenced. And my house has all the mod cons, which Mary’s century-old house does not.

I’ve never had a quadruped who spent much time watching TV. Mine seem to prefer being stars to being audiences. When Lucy Sparkletoes was a baby I could fool her with cat TV, but not so much any more.

Lucy reaches for a bird (Author’s photo)

The other day Floyd sent me a photo of Ella watching a dog on TV. If you can see beyond the book collection on the coffee table, there’s a cute little canine face. Since Ella has been in quarantine due to her papilloma virus (no judging, please), she misses other dogs terribly. It warmed my heart to see her enjoying even virtual contact with one of her favorite creatures.

Ella living the virtual life (Author’s photo)

How. Ev. Er. as Mary would put it, a fly flew into the ointment, a glitch developed in the matrix, my entire life was thrown into turmoil when the next photo arrived.

The truth is, I am married to a Republican. For the past six years I have had to exert much discipline and Zoloft to avoid chewing the inside of my mouth to pulp. This is where the mildly amusing part of this article ends:

Ella being brainwashed (Author’s photo)

We never know when life is going to throw you smack up against a decision you would rather avoid. This photo did it.

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