My Money Compounds Backwards

Nancy Daley
3 min readDec 30, 2022


Some people collect Picassos. I have a bottle of pennies. (Author’s photo)

I was notified this morning that a recent post of mine is being “distributed.” I believe this means on Twitter, where I imagine 100,000,000 people will have read it by lunchtime today. Thank you, Ann Litts at Crow’s Feet!

Great news! I hustled myself out of bed and set about looking for the top-secret password hiding place so I could see if I’m on Twitter (ick?) and connect this account to said app.

My Twitter password didn’t work and didn’t work and then it did. How is it that we don’t see laptops flying out of windows every day? I don’t know how I have refrained from tossing mine every time the most recent password I have isn’t good enough.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to connect my accounts, and don’t even ask me how I did it because I have no idea. These are things I look up, open numerous windows for, attempt the step-by-steps, and hope for the best. The process is then immediately wiped from my brain.

Be all that as it may, I was “explaining” to my spouse what it means to have an article distributed on Twitter. I haven’t fabricated this much on the spur of the moment since I was in school.

Told spouse it could mean a sharp increase in my Medium earnings (no corrections on this, please) to maybe back up to a dollar a day. Spouse assured me that interest will accrue.

But my money compounds backwards, I pointed out. I earn less by the day.

The sister closest in age to me — three years older — has always been extremely “good” with money. A very good penny pincher. This is a virtue that has never appealed to me, although I can easily see its benefits. I even subscribe to the “Frugal” subreddit, in case I can glean some tolerable tips & tricks.

At five years of age I could not see any reason why I should forego five pieces of penny candy just to wait for another nickel to come along so I could get a big Hershey bar. I’m old, I’m telling you.

Nancy Daley

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